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Do good things come in small sizes? We’ll find out when we taste a selection of wines from classic regions Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rioja in half-bottle sizes.

Tired of the same old Shiraz? Join us on an exciting journey through Australia’s diverse wine landscape, exploring iconic classics and bold new waves on a voyage of discovery.

If France is the powerhouse of world wine, then arguably the South is the powerhouse of France. A tasting voyage through the south from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

Ever craved adventure in your glass? This tasting homes in on wines born on the fringes, where geography dictates audacious flavor and pushes boundaries.

Play solo or as a team in our festive quiz. There are questions on wine obviously, but much more with music, movie and history rounds, all with a wine-related theme.

Cabernet Sauvignon’s parents are the unlikely couple of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. We explore the relationship, and take in Sauvignon Blanc’s cousin, Sauvignon Gris

Organic has gone mainstream, and the switch to organic farming and production methods has been rapid and far reaching, including many of the world’s top wine estates.

Sometimes it feels like there’s little choice on wine shelves.  Given that we have whole world of grape varieties and wines , where are the opportunities for new discoveries?

Portugal is an extraordinary wine country. The UK’s wine shelves hardly do justice to its 300 indigenous grape varieties, dozens of terroirs, or its historic regions and wine styles.

Is there such a thing as seasonal wine drinking? This tasting answers the question with terrific and modestly priced wines that are perfect for summer foods & occasions

One of the world’s most dynamic wines scenes in one of its most beautiful areas. We look at new regions, new winemakers and old vines in this tasting.

The Pinot family of vines – Noir, Gris, Blanc and Meunier – is one of the world’s most interesting and influential. We delve into the Pinot story with six lovely wines.

A journey into the unknown as we explore such unfamilar grape varieties as Merwah and Obeidi, Negroamaro and Mencia. We’ll cross the globe in search of  difference.

An opportunity to taste six wines from a fabled vintage in Bordeaux, including some of the top Crus Classé wines of Paulliac, Saint-Julient and more. Ticket includes samples.

From its ancient origins in Lebanon, wine has lapped onto shores across southern Europe, the islands and North Africa. We explore the Mediterranean via six wines.

September 2022

Forget Retsina and Ouzo. The modern fine wines of Greece are something of an insider’s secret, from velvety and powerful reds to mouth-watering and seafood-friendly whites.

August 2022

France is not the only country with an ancient wine history. For this tasting Tom has chosen wines from countries marching to their own beat: Germany, Austria and Hungary

June 2022

Steep-sided valleys bear some of wine world’s most famous names, from Hermitage to Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Journey through the white, red, rosé and sweet wines of the Rhône.

May 2022

This tasting will celebrate wines of both the most distinguished established regions, and the cutting edge of new Australian thinking: new grapes, new places.

April 2022

Famous appellations pepper the 1000km of France’s longest river, making an extraordinary range of styles. An  exploration of the vast range of Loire wine styles.

March 2022

One year on from our Grand Tour of Italy, we present part II, looking at six new regions and tasting outstanding examples of their regional grapes and wine styles.

February 2022

It’s not all about Malbec and Carmenere: There’s so much to discover among the less well known grapes and regions of this awe-inspiring continent.

December 2021

Christmas classics include Champagne and sweet Monbazillac, but some inspiring alternatives too, all perfectly matched to traditional Christmas foods and more.

November 2021

Join Tom in a very special tasting of six fine wines he has chosen from his own cellar. Celebrating the best of Bordeaux and Burgundy, 50cl or 100cl bottles will be supplied.

October 2021

The subject is highly controversial. Via a tasting of six biodynamic wines, Tom will explain the concepts and realities as we taste together and see the results in the glass.

September 2021

New Zealand’s reputation may rest on Sauvignon Blanc, but we’ll see how the story is moving on as we explore other fabulous styles, grape varieties and emerging regions.

June 2021

We’ll taste classics like fine Rioja, rarities like a white Tempranillo, ancient vine Monastrell and the vibrant, shimmering whites of the new Spain.

May 2021

We travel back to the beginnings of wine in this fascinating tasting, with historic varieties from Georgia and Armenia, then on to Lebanon, Israel, Greece and Romania.

April 2021

One of the most diverse wine countries on earth, from the snow-capped north to the sun-baked south, we’ll taste some fabulous regional wines on our journey.

March 2021

South African legend Ken Forrester joins us live from Stellenbosch to taste his award-winning wines -introduced and described by Ken in his own inimitable style.

February 2021

No wine region on the planet inspires such a fanatical following as Burgundy. We’ll taste its Chardonnay whites and Pinot Noir reds, from the famous Côte d’Or slopes

January 2021

South America’s third-largest wine producer has fabulous conditions for sparkling, white and red wines of real quality, all of which we’ll taste in these sessions.

November 2020

How rarely do we venture off-piste in our wine choices? In this tasting we’ll delve into more obscure corners to unearth real gems from the wide world of wine.

October 2020

Featuring premium wines from one of the most exciting  countries on the planet. Since the fall of apartheid, the wine scene has exploded, with young winemakers leading the way.

September 2020

The glory of Portugal is its extraordinary pool of indigenous grapes, and an ever-developing wine scene. Taste unexpected gems in this two-part session.

November 2020

How rarely do we venture off-piste in our wine choices? In this tasting we’ll delve into more obscure corners to unearth real gems from the wide world of wine.