About Tom Cannavan and Online Tastings

Join us to discover an innovative way to explore and learn about wine in the company of one the UK’s leading experts and fellow wine fans.

For each tasting Tom selects six wines, supplied by an independent wine merchant direct to your door. Tom hosts the tutored tastings via Zoom, in two relaxed and informal sessions split over consecutive Thursday evenings. We taste three wines per night, but the wines will drink well through the weekend, so nothing is wasted.

Award-winning wine writer Tom is one of the UK’s leading wine experts and his tastings are packed with information and insight. But he is also renowned for his friendly and inclusive style, so the tastings are relaxed and informal. They are also recorded, so if you cannot join us live, you can taste along on ‘catch-up’.

How it works in detail

  • Tasting tickets and wines are purchased separately
  • Ticket price is per household, not per person
  • Ticket covers both sessions
  • After you purchase your ticket, you’ll see a link to buy the wines
  • We’ll record each session in case you miss one
  • You may attend without buying the wines.

Most tastings organised by wine merchants are little more than sales pitches, but independent expert Tom has no commercial connection to the wines featured in his events, and takes no commission on sales. See the current programme and please do join us!


Who is Tom Cannavan?
Tom is one of the UK's most renowned wine experts and educators, having published wine-pages.com since 1995. He has written for The Independent, The Sunday Times, Decanter magazine and many other publications, as well as writing or contributing to 10 wine books. Tom has chaired and judged wine competitions in nine countries around the world, from Argentina to Australia. He has won several major awards for his work, including International Wine Communicator of the Year.

How long does each tasting session last?
We usually start at 7pm, and run until around 8:15pm

Do I need to buy the wines to join a tasting or course?
You are welcome to join without the wines. Each tasting comes with a selection of wines chosen by Tom, often with a discount he has negotiated. Wines are supplied by independent retailers, and Tom takes no commission on wine sales.

Are the tastings interactive, or can I just observe?
Tom welcomes questions and discussion, but it is not necessary: some people prefer to just watch and listen, and that's absolutely fine.

Can I split the tasting fee and wines with friend and family?
Absolutely: the fee for attending allows one login, but it is per household, so if friends or family want to get together that's OK. They can obviously share the wines too if doing so.

What if one of the dates doesn't suit me?
We record every session, so you can still taste along and watch Tom's presentation and your fellow tasters' reactions to the wines.

Isn't opening three bottles in one night a bit wasteful?
The wines will all drink well for a few days if stored in the fridge, but you can also order our wine preservation kit. Some people choose not to open all of the wines during the session, and enjoy them later, perhaps recapping with the video of the session.