South of France Explored


If France is the powerhouse of world wine, then arguably the South is the powerhouse of France. Escape to some of the world’s most beautiful vineyards as we navigate the south and its wines.

Imagine yourself winding through sun-drenched vineyards, mistral breezes carrying the scent of wildflowers and ripe grapes. The South of France beckons, not just with its iconic beaches and lavender fields, but with a breathtaking diversity of wines that rivals any region in the world.

From the rugged peaks of the Pyrenees to the azure shores of the Côte d’Azur, the South boasts a kaleidoscope of climates and soils, nurturing an astonishing array of grape varieties and wine styles: strapping, traditional reds from Cahors, crisp Gascon whites crafted from ancient, indigenous grapes, while elegant sparkling wines like Blanquette de Limoux are said to pre-date even Champagne.

But the South is more than just tradition. It’s a playground for bold winemakers, who push boundaries and experiment with exciting new styles as we shall see.

The Wines

Classics are well-represented in our choice of wines. We’ll visit Cahors, the original home of Malbec long before Argentina got in on the act, and enjoy a white from Gascony made from indigenous grape varieties like Gros and Petit Manseng that are perfect for refreshing and mineral whites. We also taste a Maury, from the garrigue-strewn vineyards of Roussillon.

But we venture into new territory too, with unexpected Loire Valley gems like Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc finding surprising elegance in the southern sun, or a robust Languedoc Viognier, channeling the fiery spirit of the Rhône under southern skies.

Each step of our journey will introduce you to classic terroirs and hidden gems from lesser-known appellations, each with its own unique story to tell.

How does it work?

  • Three wines tasted each night (enjoy the rest over the weekend)
  • Live sessions with Q&A, or catch up at your own pace with recordings
  • Ticket price is per household, not per person
  • Ticket covers both sessions
  • After you purchase your ticket you’ll see a link to buy the wines
  • You may attend without buying the wines.

STEP 2: Purchase wines

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  • Cuvee du Roy, Gascogne White
  • Domaine Vedilhan, Serica Viognier
  • Chateau Labarrade, Cahors, 
  • La Lisse, Soie D’ivoire Chenin Blanc
  • Domaine Mas Barrau Cab Franc
  • Chateau des Jaume Maury
We look forward to welcoming you to this online tasting.