Italy North to South


Italy is a magical wine country for so many reasons: the world’s biggest wine producer has extraordinary diversity, not only boasting 350 different grape varieties, but its fascinating geography. From the snow-capped foothills of the Alps, down to the baking heat of Sicily and the deep south, and in between, the rolling Cypress-covered hills of Chianti or the truffle country of Piedmont. It’s a real happy hunting ground for the wine lover.

For those who attended part I of our Grand Tour, we’ll be passing through six different appellations, concentrating on their indigenous grape varieties – and with some mature red wines in the mix too, from the 2012 and 2014 vintages. We’ll explore Friuli, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna towards the north, Tuscany and Umbria in the centre of the country, as well as the island of Sardinia as we journey along the way.

With that amazing diversity Italy is also a country that can surprise, delight, but is harder to get to know in depth – there are so many barely-known corners producing some great wines. This tasting will take a virtual tour of Italy, travelling from north to south.

The Wines

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Cantina di Soliera, Lambrusco (Modena)
Pusole, Vermentino 2019 (Sardinia)
La Delizia, Friulano 2020 (Friuli)
Cantina Goccia ‘Nodo’ 2012 (Umbria)
Boffalora, Umo Rosso 2019 (Lombardy)
Castello di Potentino, Balaxus 2014 (Tuscany)

We look forward to welcoming you.